The letters are from Hakim Muhammad Saeed (Shaheed) to me from January 1990 till February 1997.

The letters are in Urdu language, for which I will write a brief translation at the beginning of every letter.

I am sharing them with you because I think that these letters deserve wider audience.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Greeting Card

This is basically a greeting card I made and sent him which he returned with his autograph and picture.

جاگو جگاؤ
علم  کی  روشنیاں  پھیلاؤ
پاکستان  سے  محبّت  کرو
پاکستان  کی  تعمیر  کرو .
حکیم  محمّد  سعید
20 July 1990

May Allah rest his soul in peace. Ameen.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


On one fine evening, she was wandering in a park when one lady who was having refreshment with her children and by accident (which I am sure was an accident) her daughter fell on the refreshment's plate and all the things scattered on the ground.

The lady readily slapped the girl and used abusive words, and to her surprise, the girl didn't even moved a bit to save herself from the punishment.The girl remain in her mother's hand reach so that her mother can easily hit her as many times she like.

Which she believe was girl's own consent because may be she herself wanted her mother to punish her as she accepted her mistake.

So, that day I asked him why we have to be so so humble and respectful with our elders.

Are there no rules for elders to use all the respectful words for us or be humble with us, children?

And he wrote that he always use respectful nicks for children and we all should keep in mind that the person we are talking as a minor being might become might one day.


In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful

4 November 1990

Ref. Z/T/1249/90

Dear Daughter, Prayers

I am using the word, 'Venerable' for the youth of Pakistan because who knows which great person/leader is hiding in today's youth.

You, my  daughter is also venerable!

God knows tomorrow what great woman you might become. May you do !

I am usually very busy. But I will still meet your parents. Inshallah (God willing).

Your's Sincerely,

Hakim Muhammad Saeed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Begging is a curse !

She came out of examination centre gate and as usual did not find her big brother…he must be eating ice cream somewhere completely forgotten about her that today was her last paper and since it was her examination centre far away from her home he was charged by their mother to drop and pick her.

Anyways…I can walk…that’s what she said to her self while walking….suddenly there was big…huge…strong man came speeding her…

“What?”…She asked with surprise…

He said…”please give me some rupaya…or some change please…I am dying here with hunger…I am tired and sick”

"hmmm…how come …you are stronger like a bull….?"

She wanted to say but couldn’t since she can see that the man is stronger and bolder and kind of daring as compared to her small and fragile figure…they have no comparison…she can’t force him to shoo away…

He kept hovering over her…while she by the road looking for a rikshaw or a taxi…ignoring the man as far as she can…fortunately one rikshaw came close to her…the man finding his pray getting away become furious…

May Allah fail you in your exams….” These were his exact words….

The words really touched her…she knew that the man was not sick and he does not look like hungry too…but having that man cursing her…made her weak.

That day she wrote to her mentor again…told him about her experience and asked him to pray for her…

********** ***********************
In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful.

16 Mahrraum-al-Harram 1416 A.H.
29 July 1991 A.D.

Ref: Z/T/7606/91.

Dear Hajra Mahmood Ali, Prayers.

First of all,  my prayers for your academic success! May you succeed in every sphere of learning.

Beggars, alms, pan-handling - these are all ills of society.

Had we succeeded in establishing a true Islamic system, there would not have been any pan-handlers in Pakistan since there wouldn't even be any Zakat-takers in Pakistan.

But we had never been a friend to Pakistan, which is why we have turned this great Pakistan into a medicare Pakistan and even at that we are not content.

The only solution lies in a great recreation in which the fear of God is essential so that our leaders may come to the right path.

God Almighty is punishing us for our deeds; may be we might get ashamed of our being buried alive.

Yours Sincerely,

Hakim Muhammad Saeed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Love All The Children!

Her first cousin (aunt’s eldest son) snatched mystery novel by Ibn e Safi from her hand and scolded her, forbidding her to read such material again.

She was furious with rage…found herself helpless when no one in the family…her mother…her siblings took heed pretending that nothing happened.

She was a big fan of Ibn e Safi and wanted to explain to everyone that Ibn e Safi’s mystery novels are safe and pure even for girls like her. But none of the people around her understood. Thus she turned her back to them as they had done to her. Since than she never ever argued with her family on anything…she knows they will not understand.

That was the first letter she wrote to her mentor.

Since she was good at making stories, wrote a whole story to him (because it was the first time and she needed the answer), in the story she was the poor girl (hmm…new version of Cinderella) on whom her rich relatives makes cheap remarks which hurt her ego.

And so the reply came within exactly 3 days.

Letter Translation.
************** ooooooooo**************

Hakim Mohammed Said
Hamdard Foundation Pakistan
Nazimabad, Karachi 18

Karachi Clinic 215908, Office 616001-5; Residence 410612.
Telex 24529 HAMD PK
Lahore: Clinic 53819
Rawalpindi: Clinic 64338; Residence 43944
Peshawar: Clinic 74186; Residence 42303
Hyderabad: Clinic 31666

Reference Number: Z/T/90/1066

My Dear -
I was sorry to read in your letter that society is treating you ill society but this is nothing new.  It is happening with many others.  I have guessed from the writing in your letter that you are an intelligent and conscientious girl.  So you should not feel this mistreatment in a way which is detrimental to your personality and your reason rather one should face circumstances with courage.  One should aim to achieve outstanding results in the field of knowledge or arts by achieving outstanding successes in the field of education.  This is the only way one can offer a retort in response to the malice of rich people.  I am certain that you will not lose hope, because you are a sensitive and competent girl.  May Allah Almighty help you.

Regarding your question about my income for which I offer gratitude to Allah because I do not differentiate between the rich and poor.  I love all the children equally whether they be rich or poor, wherever they may come from.

With Prayers,
Your friend and benefactor

Hakim Muhammed Said

My Dear
Hajra Ali

Saturday, October 1, 2011


The correspondence started when a girl of only 12 years old found no one around her who can understand her.

She not only wanted a good listener but also wanted a good person who can answer her.

She wanted to be inspired, she wanted to question, she wanted to raise concern.

She wanted a FRIEND.

And she knows that her questions...her concerns...and her voice is larger than herself.

And thus she started the conversation with the PERSON...larger than her thoughts...and her dream.

It was her sheer good luck that she found a person of accuracy and and brotherhood was his motto and Pakistan was in his blood.

***************** ***************

This letter was written to her in reply to her greetings on his birthday.

On this occasion also, he didn’t forget to mention his desires…his attitude towards life and his all-time developing but focused thoughts.

Take hold of every moment of life and move ahead with such a pace in life that even a single ant never gets hurt by our moving steps.

The heir of freedom and love but will have chosen freedom if on the verge of making a choice.

He adored clouds and wanted her to think that the sovereignty of the clouds, can not be confined or restricted.

He wrote that he detests slavery. And we should all detest it because this is the ugliest way of life.

Where freedom is still struggling with slavery, he believed that Peace, Equality, Justice and Liberty can help Pakistan to gain the strength.

In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful.

17 Shaban al-Muazam 1416 A.H.
9 January 1996 A.D.
Ref: Z/T/3/7/95.

Dear Sir.

Assalamo alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu.

The flame of life is lit upon the of the body's mantle and the ongoing life passes in such fervent style amidst worries and incidents that the thunderbolt follicles of my love and respect sprout forth like hairs but people do not hear their cries.

My friends! Arise, however it may be arise and snatch the moments from the grasp of mortality.

And [having done that] tread upon the highway of life with such care so as not to trample an ant to death.

I am the heir of love and honour and freedom. But whenever freedom is in jeopardy I will sacrifice [my] love for the sake of freedom.

I tell you I am a lover of clouds. To the naked eye their enthusiasm and their freedom receives the praise of the expanse of my conscience.

My eye is amazed at the ugliness of slavery. In the great struggle between freedom and slavery in Pakistan you have sent me birthday greetings.

I am thankful.

My friend! Do not forget, that the development of society is guaranteed by the establishing of peace, equality, justice and freedom.

Yours Sincerely,

Hakim Muhammad Saeed.