The letters are from Hakim Muhammad Saeed (Shaheed) to me from January 1990 till February 1997.

The letters are in Urdu language, for which I will write a brief translation at the beginning of every letter.

I am sharing them with you because I think that these letters deserve wider audience.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011


The correspondence started when a girl of only 12 years old found no one around her who can understand her.

She not only wanted a good listener but also wanted a good person who can answer her.

She wanted to be inspired, she wanted to question, she wanted to raise concern.

She wanted a FRIEND.

And she knows that her questions...her concerns...and her voice is larger than herself.

And thus she started the conversation with the PERSON...larger than her thoughts...and her dream.

It was her sheer good luck that she found a person of accuracy and and brotherhood was his motto and Pakistan was in his blood.

***************** ***************

This letter was written to her in reply to her greetings on his birthday.

On this occasion also, he didn’t forget to mention his desires…his attitude towards life and his all-time developing but focused thoughts.

Take hold of every moment of life and move ahead with such a pace in life that even a single ant never gets hurt by our moving steps.

The heir of freedom and love but will have chosen freedom if on the verge of making a choice.

He adored clouds and wanted her to think that the sovereignty of the clouds, can not be confined or restricted.

He wrote that he detests slavery. And we should all detest it because this is the ugliest way of life.

Where freedom is still struggling with slavery, he believed that Peace, Equality, Justice and Liberty can help Pakistan to gain the strength.

In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful.

17 Shaban al-Muazam 1416 A.H.
9 January 1996 A.D.
Ref: Z/T/3/7/95.

Dear Sir.

Assalamo alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu.

The flame of life is lit upon the of the body's mantle and the ongoing life passes in such fervent style amidst worries and incidents that the thunderbolt follicles of my love and respect sprout forth like hairs but people do not hear their cries.

My friends! Arise, however it may be arise and snatch the moments from the grasp of mortality.

And [having done that] tread upon the highway of life with such care so as not to trample an ant to death.

I am the heir of love and honour and freedom. But whenever freedom is in jeopardy I will sacrifice [my] love for the sake of freedom.

I tell you I am a lover of clouds. To the naked eye their enthusiasm and their freedom receives the praise of the expanse of my conscience.

My eye is amazed at the ugliness of slavery. In the great struggle between freedom and slavery in Pakistan you have sent me birthday greetings.

I am thankful.

My friend! Do not forget, that the development of society is guaranteed by the establishing of peace, equality, justice and freedom.

Yours Sincerely,

Hakim Muhammad Saeed.

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  1. aap bohat khush qismat hain k aap ko Hakim Saeed jaise naek aur azeem insaan se khat o kitabat ka moqa mila :)

    main bhi bachpan main hamdard ka mahnaama risala parhta tha bohat shoq se aur Hakim Saeed meri ideal shaksiyaat main se thay

    Allah unhe Jannat ul Firdaus main jagah ataa farmaye Ameen